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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Destroy YouTube

Please excuse the fact that this is only 3 seconds long. I'll upload a longer version in another post.

So...I manage to get a decent looking render out of Maya, works fine. It's an .avi compressed with DviX. No problems.

I want to shove YouTube. Like...push it. You know, playground styles. I've tried a bunch of times to upload the clip you see above. Apparently, this one was a total fluke, since I tried to upload the same file with more keys. Didn't take. I even had a crack at uploading a simple turntable test of the hand model I did. And that's totally buggered. I don't get it.

If anyone reading this has had similar issues with uploading to YouTube, and has found a solution, please leave me a comment. I'd love to be able to show some of the animation that I've done so far, as well as being able to showcase my models better by including video with images. Bleh. I want to get this sorted so I can show people stuff!

Anywho, I won't go into any details about the character at the moment, since I plan on uploading some renders soon. There are a few little texturing things that I didn't manage to sneak in on time for the project hand in, so I'm still going to be doing some minor tweaks here and there. Expect more in another post...

It's late and I'm pissed off with YouTube, so I'm probably going to go to bed now.

Night all

P.S. Why can't you loop a YouTube video? Sheesh.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hey hey!

Wanna drop a quick line about a show that I've just this very day been made aware of! It's possibly the best pre-school show on the tele, although I don't watch pre-school shows...or television...but this gets my vote!

The show is wonderfully animated and the character designs are simple, clear, and utterly effective! Please, please, please pass on the word about this wonderful series to everyone you know!

Check out the Official Site and Official Blog for a few full episodes and some great behind-the-scenes material!

Unluckily enough for me, I stopped watching the tele a couple of years ago, and so I don't know how many channels air Pocoyo at the moment. I know that YTV airs it here in Canada, but beyond that you'd have to look for yourself. It has been sold in over 100 countries around the world though, so wherever you live, there's a great big chance that you can watch it on tv tomorrow!

You CAN find a fair number of Pocoyo episodes on YouTube, but If you can watch it on tele where you live, that'd probably help the creators out a bit more :D

Off you go then!

P.S. Pato and Pocoyo are my favorite characters ;)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

GI Joe...mel script!

*GI_Joe Mel script used for Global Illumination/Ambient Occlusion

Back from the grave!

This past week has been a trifle strange. I've had a cyst on the back of my right wrist for years and it's almost never caused me any trouble. At the start of this week I noticed that my wrist was a bit sore after spending time on the computer, and then the next day it was worse, and the next worse still. I had to take Wednesday off to see my doctor. I have to get it removed now, but that'll take plastic surgery, which is going to take a while to set up. Today has been a great day though, since I can really only feel any pain when I turn my wrist to an extreme angle. Otherwise I'm nearly back to normal pace for typing and mouse movements. I was expecting weeks and weeks of agony, but here's hoping that that was the worst of it for now.

On to the images! They're from a work in progress. Our assignment is to model a weapon and 3 game assets/props. I'm also working on a character model that's currently in the texturing stage. I'll have images of him in a seperate post once I'm done (hopefully this week). I'm planning on modeling a seperate weapon of my own design to go along with my character. I'll probably do that over the christmas break. For now he's going to get this model so he can at least shoot at stuff :) Oh, and sorry about the lack of cooler images. The Uzi model is pretty low poly, coming in at 418 Tris. Our limit is 1500 Tris, so I could still up the poly count to make it a bit smoother in certain areas. Still, I'm glad that I accomplished this in so few polys. Also, it only took about 2 hours or so to do from start to finish today, which is awesome because it would've taken me a couple more hours to model a few weeks ago! Yay for learning!

So once I texture this sucker I'll throw up some more pictures. Oh, and I'll toss in a wireframe shaded pass too so you can see how I modeled it :D

Until next time!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Andreas Deja on German Talkshow


I found this over at Cartoon Brew; a hilarious interview with Andreas Deja, the great Disney animator! The kicker is that it's entirely in German (which is also the hilarious part). But! Andreas does a characature of the host on the spot and shows a couple of scar drawings too! Check it out!

Also, the friggin' stage moves around! How cool is that?!


Hopefully in the next few days I'm going to upload some doodles as well as some new stuff from Maya. I'm having some trouble getting my animation onto YouTube properly, so any delay will be mainly technical.

Take care and enjoy the video!

P.S. This post is totally for you Mitch :D


Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Del Carmens

Howdy dowdy folks!

No art today. I know I know, all 2 of you YEARN for my scribbles. Alas, I'm in more of an inspiration-seeking mood today.

So, because I can't seem to settle down and actually do work, I decided to take some time and do what used to occupy a great deal of my time; searching for art on the net.

One of my first stops became the last, and I've spent a good deal of time roving around familiar territory. That territory happens to belong to one Ronnie Del Carmen of the Del Carmen animation artist trio.

Ronnie's Blog is overflowing with inspiration, in both visual and literary form. I highly recommend checking it out. With any luck, one day I'll be as kind and truthful a guy as he is, and maybe even as great an artist!

Here's a quick link to his blog: Ronnie Del Carmen Blog

Also check out his younger brother Louie's blog Random Annomalies

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a site or blog for Rick Del Carmen, so if you know of one, please leave a comment!

That's all for now!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When two become one...

*Please note: The lighting in these images isn't final*
*Also note: I didn't create the model/geometry*

Looking back, the Spice Girls songs were at least catchy, and they were easy on the eyes, and here we are many years later and they're still having an effect! Take my blog post title for instance, which in relation to the contents of the post itself is both totally clear and completely cryptic too! No points will be awared if you do figure it out...apologies.

Anywho, here's another Rendering class (I'm no longer calling it Texturing|Lighting|Rendering class, takes too long) assignment. We were given the geometry (the grey room, top) and were told that we had to texture the whole thing and light it for both night and day. There are a few minor things that I have to ask the instructor about, and I want to light it better, maybe find a different camera angle too, but it's basically done. It isn't a terribly hard assignment, but it's pretty time consuming what with having to find textures for everything and then have to spend the time inputing them all. It was a fun assignment though since we weren't told which textures to use. I tried to replicate small parts of my actual room through some of the textures. Maybe another day I'll post up a couple of shots of my room.


On another school work related note, I had a pretty crappy day; I didn't get anything done and somehow managed to screw up my nearly completed rigging assignment to the point where I have to totally redo the damn thing. I couldn't even start modeling, even though I have 3 modeling assignments (of which two have already been started) to choose from, all of which are fun. Something is wrong with my brain, and I think the current size of our workload might just having something to do with it. Can you say overwhelmed?

Night all!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

UV texturing adventures

Hey hey!

Here's a quick look at my first foray into UV texturing (with some rushed lighting)! We were given a few car models to choose from and had to UV map one of them. The models themselves were crappy, which made it harder to unwrap. Also, the fact that it was the first thing that I'd ever unwrapped didn't help matters much.

All in all though it was a good experience. The next model I unwrap won't be nearly as overwhelming as it would've been had I not started off with this crazy model, I'm sure.

I've included the UV map and the textured UV map for those of you interested in more than just eye candy. If I can help anyone learn more about drawing, painting, or any aspect of 3D that I learn as I go, then that'll make my day :)

The model itself belongs to its respective owner, not me. In no way did I have anything to do with it's creation. Thought I'd mention that just in case ;)


For the moment, I'm working on a couple of my own models which I'll post some process for once I get farther along on them. Oh, and once I figure out how to upload video to my blog I'll toss up my first animation assignment!

Until then...lates!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hands on with Maya

Snap Crackle Pop! It's been a bloody long while since I last posted! Above, you'll find the visual version of the reason why :D

I believe I posted about starting school again in September in an earlier post, and that did happen. I was planning on posting images of my work as I was learning/creating stuff. It hasn't been quite as cut and dry as all that though.

It's taken the past 5 weeks to basically wrap my brain around Maya. My creations up to this point have been very basic, and even some of those have been a real mind bender.

But forget all of that.

Now I have stuff to show and I'm going to start posting process images and final renders, although I'm crap at rendering at this point, but they'll get better with time.


Right then! I'll start things off with a model of my dainty digits that I did this past week. Once I figure out how to render out a wireframe/wireframe on shaded model I'll post those up so that you can really see how crappy I am at modeling. I would rather have posted those along with or instead of these renders, but I just whipped these up quick to have something to fill the void!

I would've posted stuff earlier, but I couldn't access my blog for a while due to my own very silly error. Bleh.


Okay, I'm off to sleep for now. I have more stuff to post, so I'll try and get things posted while or right after I do them.

Until next time!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Free at last!

I've finished working for the summer! Yay! This means more time to draw and, now with school starting again, time to learn 3D! I'm terribly excited about this semester/year. The thought of learning a bunch of new software, being able to put together a wicked demo reel, AND work on a game mod is very exciting, but getting it all to work together is going to be hard.

My goal for this semester is to learn as much as I can and to make my demo reel strong enough to land me in a studio within at least 2 to 3 months after graduating, if not before then.

I'm sure that there will be some downtime with regards to post frequency on here once school starts, but with luck and some real time managament skill I hope to turn this blog into a showcase for my work over the next 8 months, as well as passing on as much as I can about what I learn along the way.

So to anyone that reads this blog that I don't know, please forgive me if I'm not able to update as often as I'd like to. I'll try my best to update often!


The two drawings above are simple doodles that I did about a week and a half ago before going to bed. The second one started out as scribles, just letting lines flow and then seeing what showed up. The first guy was an attempt to do a full body drawing, since I don't do nearly enough of them. I have to get my ass into extra life drawing this semester!

My next post might not be until after I start school (which is Wednesday), but if I do any cool drawings before then, I'll try and post them up :D


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sitting in the dark

I know where I'm going to be on October you?

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Howdy all,

I wasn't able to get up to much drawing this week. Work leaves little time for the things that I want to do, and barely allows time for things that I need to do. With that said, above are a few drawings from my new recycled sketchbook that I started this week!

The first are two evil-types. I prefer the guy on the bottom, since I could see him being used as more of a main character for something. The guy on the top looks too much like an everyday mafia brute to be of much further interest. But that's just me :)

The second drawing below those two was done while I was waiting for a meeting to happen at work. I felt like designing a robot, which then became the "construct -O- bot". Maybe one day we'll have robots that can do all of the hard, physical work for us puny humans. Imagine the potential bedlam when they start asking for wages and freedom! Oy vey!
Since I didn't have much time to kill before the meeting, I wasn't terribly concerned with his design per se. He was meant to be very basic, simple shapes, primarily based on comforting round shapes. I figure it'll help people accept him more once the first batch are built.

The final image is from about 2 weeks or so ago. I'd taken to drawing on loose 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, which I keep strewn on my desk, and doodled this guy out one day. He was a straight, one-shot with a marker/pen. I felt like drawing something in one go, and he was the result.


That's all for now, as I should be getting to bed. I shall post again shortly, hopefully with more art this time and some new thoughts about drawing!

Until then.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tob Rari

I'm very, very happy to announce that an incredibly good friend of mine has started a blog!



UPDATE: I've added Rob and more to my links!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Game Career Guide

Click the image to buy the digital version or read more about the issue

Any aspiring game developers reading this should grab this Special Issue of Game Developer magazine. Heck, you should be spending $8 every month for Game Developer anyway!

Go Go Go!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Living Dead


New sketchy stuff from last night. My girlfriend and I met up with my very good friend Bobert Tappert (A.K.A. Rob Tari, who's blog I'll be linking to as soon as it's online) at a pub in Woodbridge called The Moose and Firkin. After a photo tour of Italy, Rob and I started drawing funny stuff on the back of a paper placemat.

The first two were done on opposite sides of the same page at the same time, and as such were upside-down; so they've been separated. First one is my side, the second Rob's.

The third image is from my recycled brown paper sketchbook (which is only two pages away from being full. Yay!).

After we did the portraits of each other (in the first two images) we were trying to think of something else to draw and so I suggested that we draw each other as zombies! Rob has far greater line confidence than I do, and is always better at getting an idea across on the page, so his drawing feels very "zombie-ish" whereas mine is rather stiff and lacking that real zombie quality.

We each spent probably less then 5 minutes on the zombie portraits though, so it's cool to look back and analyze how they (more accurately mine) could be fixed up.

My drawing of Rob (first image) is pretty cool, and was done really quickly. I like the solidity of it, even though I was going for a quick, almost caricature version of him. You can see what he look like in the last image above. Let me know if you think it looks like him :)


Gonna talk about my buddy Rob for a bit.

Rob has a style of drawing all his own, which shines through in every drawing he does. The thing that I really enjoy about Rob's work is that he is never hesitant to put a line down, even if he's drawing something that he isn't familar with. It's a quality that I admire and need to work on in my own drawings.

Rob draws most things his way. If he draws two people next to each other he'll draw them in the same style that he usually draws people. It's the only thing that irks me about his drawings, and it's something that I've seen a lot of artists do.

Every artist draws differently, that's a given. But I choose to believe that the mark of a skilled artist is someone who can draw in many different styles. Each subject drawn is approached differently, individually, addressed based on the needs of that particular object and drawing.

It's something that I personally want to be able to do; to take my skills anywhere in the world, in any field of art, and always be free to make a living being creative.

The past two years I've spent at Seneca learning animation I've seen lots of people draw the same thing differently. I've seen exact representations of objects or people, totally life-like, but I can pick out the students who drew each drawing.

I think it's extremely valuable to try and push yourself artistically, and to comb all facets of art from our pre-historic ancestors, to the current-day retro 50's style revival. Each and every experience, each piece of new knowledge we gain, brings us closer to becoming the very best artists that we can become in our time on his rock.

And so to any all artists reading, why not try something new today? If you usually draw with straight lines, try using only curved ones instead. Stray from that comfortable path you've tread to this point.


To back up all the hot air that I just released, I'm going to do exactly what I suggested others do and try a new technique for a week or so. Straight lines and hard angles here I come!

Hasta la vista!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Really quick post today.

Did this guy during lunch at work. I started by scribbling on the page for a few seconds and then caught a glimpse of something that looked like a squat human. I put him in a suit 'cause I was reading about Bioshock last night in PC Gamer and the images of the Big Daddy character kinda got stuck in my brain ;) I can't wait to play Bioshock! System Shock 2 is in my top 5 favorite games of all time and Bioshock is the spiritual successor to it! Now if only I could be working on the damned thing...

That's all for now.

Over and out.

Monday, July 31, 2006


A quick one for tonight.

I actually did this last night after I sifted through the Story Boredom blog and saved a bunch of Walleye's posts. I really enjoy his drawing style and his sense of humor that he's able to get across with it.

Check out the Story Boredom blog for some of Walleye's work, along with art from a collection of great story artists! I only wish that Walleye had a site with some more work. Alas, his personal page hasn't been available for ages :(


So, about the above image:

It was done from one of the small comic strips that Walleye does about himself and his feelings Doubt, Confidence, Anger etc. portrayed as actual characters. They're hilarious strips, and I wish there were more. Anyways, this was done really quickly from a particular strip that my girlfriend really likes. I kinda did it for her on the spot, but also for me 'cause it was fun! I like how it turned out, but if you dig through the Story Boredom blog and find the strip, mine isn't spot on.

I love how Walleye has managed to nail the physicality of the various feelings through his use of shape and weight. Confidence is all round and bouncy; Doubt is big and heavy; and Anger is sharp and quick. Perfect! And to top it all off each of the characters are simple to draw!


Okay, that's all for me for now. I'll see if I can scan something in tomorrow and post it before I go to sleep. I'd like to do the image quality post I mentioned in the last post this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Especially for... blog!

I did these guys after spending some time surfing through some wicked artist blogs. Eventually I'll get around to creating links to them all (I gots lots) but for now here's a bit of my stuff!

The second image (taken from the one above it) was a bit of a test to see if I could improve the quality of my drawings for web posting with Photoshop. A new scanner would probably help too. I think I'm going to address this issue in a future post with examples from other blogs...hold on to your panties, it'll be wild!

Anywho, a large part of the reason for these guys was too see if I could up the quality of quick sketches. I'm not very good at inking/taking work to higher levels, but that's the other reason for this little excercise! I also wanted to show some love to the people that have visited! Please come again!

I'm really only happy with the guy on the top left (guy in the second picture). I like the size/shape relationship that I found with his features. I was looking to keep the shape of his head fairly simple, while focusing more on how the facial features would fit within his head. I usually end up running out of space within a head shape, and that's something that I want to improve.

The rest of the guys are okay, but for the most part there are little things that bug me with each of them. The guy on the top right is twisted where I wasn't planning on him being twisted (his features, hair, and shoulder position are all over the place compared to each other). The guy below him feels amaturish; lacking in form and interesting variation in shape. His features and hairline seem to perhaps flow too much into one another, making for an overall muddled face. The last guy on the bottom left is totally lacking in attention to detail. I didn't really go into the fat on his neck, and it appears more like he's got some medical condition rather than just being overweight. Oh, and his mouth isn't in the right position compared to the angle that he's facing.


I hope that you readers can take something away from this post, and if you did, please post a comment and let me know! The gates are wide open for criticism too, so don't hold back!

Thanks for taking the time to visit! Let me know what you think of the blog so far! Also, if there's something in particular that you'd like to see here, be it themed drawings, addressing a particular aspect of drawing, or anything else, leave a comment! Comments also help me to know who's been visiting, which helps helps with knowing...shucks, it helps my self-esteem!


Saturday, July 22, 2006


So here's the deal:

For the past two weeks I've been working full-time at a new job that's going to last until the end of the summer. So with that said, I won't be able to post art as frequently as I would like, but I'll still be posting links to cool artists and stuff when I get a chance.

That's right lads and ladies; the image above is for the new ANIMATED Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie! Click on the image to watch the trailer! It looks to be all hand animated too! Unlike Monster House (which I saw yesterday)...


So Monster House. Beautiful visuals + crappy animation/lip sync = 3 1/2 or 4 out of 5. It's a shame that a film that caricatures life in such a cool, Tim Burtonesque style has to rely so heavily on motion capture. If Monster House had been hand animated, it would EASILY have been a 5 out of 5. The story is greatl, the voice acting (kids no less!) was really good, and it's just a beautiful film. Ridiculus rendering, texturing and a lighting.

Alas, time = money.

Oh oh! This should have been released for Halloween!

Lastly, check out Chris Appelhans' site Froghatstudios! Click on the spooky house above to see some BITCHIN' concept work for MH!


P.S. The links to The Amazing Screw on Head and TMNT came courtesy of Derrick of Animation House in Peterborough! Check out the blog @ for hilarious pictures (of which I'm in a couple!)


Adab adab adab ah dats all folks!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Amazing Screw On Head!

Hey folks,

Go here: watch the pilot episode of The Amazing Screw On Head animated series!!


Go here:

...and take the survey (9 questions, don't have to submit an email address or anything)


Friday, July 07, 2006

Hugh Jass and a skull

Back with a couple more elephants.

I like these for the most part, except that I was oversimplifying or not paying enough attention to the legs. After this trip to the zoo, I've found that I enjoy drawing elephant heads. They're so large that it makes it easy to catch a lot of the details from far away.

The third page was done during a life drawing class last semester (I think). Our teacher was showing us slides of skull illustrations from a book that I can't recall, and explaining the importance of really understanding the proportions, as well as structure, of the skull. I believe we had a skull test that day, and he didn't feel that most of the class was up to snuff for it, so he basically SHOVED the information in through our eyes and ears.

If I'm lucky enough, I'll be able to keep in contact with and continue to learn from Werner Zimmerman for a long time to come. He's really one of the best teachers that I've ever had, and I can usually hear him repeating lessons in my head when I try to pass knowledge on to other people. He's a great guy, and does great work! I'll try and find some examples of his stuff and link to it here.



I don't know what I'll be posting next, so we'll all just have to wait and see. Although at the moment I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person reading this :D

Rhi-know what you're thinking, and yes, that is a bad joke

Attack of the Rhinos!

Back again with a few more drawings from the same zoo visit as the last two posts. These are all from the MASSIVE sketchbook that I mentioned before. I use it for the zoo because it not only allows me to draw larger and from the shoulder, but it also acts like a portable table that I can set up on my knees! Great for eating on :D

The first page shows how I was trying to see through the beast and visualize how it would fit over a basic shape. I went a step further by trying to give form to said shape, as you can see in the drawing at the centre of the page, but I wasn't entirely successful. Dead on rear and side views were the norm for most of the time with the Rhino, hence the same poses over and over.

The second page was the last drawing of the Rhino that I did that day. It had given up and lay down, so we moved on the the Elephant after one final drawing. With these, I was keeping in mind what I had learned so far and was trying to understand their proportions. The problem I have with these two drawings is their simplicity and the lack of any form of rendering.

The third page goes more into my attempts to figure out the skeletal structure and how it effects what we actually see on the outside. It's a bit of a task with all "armour" seeming to cover the fleshy, telling parts.

The last page has an observational note that I thought would help me with remembering their proportions, as well as a major esthetic of the Rhino that I hadn't noticed before. I also had a flash of insight that you can see with the drawing in the lower left corner. I had been simplifying the legs into a cylinder, and with this drawing I noticed that there is a nice curve in the higher portion of the visible area of their "arms".

Whichever city or country you may live in, try and find a zoo that has Rhinos in it. They're loads of fun to draw, and they don't tend to move around nearly as quickly as other large animals you'll find at the zoo. Plus, they're great for exciting the imagintion when you need to come up with an exotic, prehistoric character!


I'd like to mention that I reduced the size of these images to a more reasonable one as opposed to the massive images of the first two posts. Sorry about the mega images! I'll probably go back and scale them down later on.


More Elephants and couple of skull drawings on the way tomorrow!


I've started adding links to friend's blogs, but it's going to take more than one sitting. So if I don't have you listed yet, you will be very soon!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Dear, Elephants...Er, I mean "deer"

These two were from the same zoo visit that I mentioned in my last post.

In these, I was trying to explain a method for seeing and drawing animal necks as simple shapes first, to my girlfriend. She had mentioned having trouble drawing Gazelle necks, since they're so flexible and often twist in odd directions, so I offered my thoughts.

In answering most questions she had that day, as well as my own, I kept trying to think of the similarities between human and animal anatomy, to give a sense of familiarity to these odd creatures. I was explaining how human and animal necks are basically the same; that they originate from a spot on the body that doesn't change and that they have a basic form to them, and that the actual shape of the neck can be varied as needed through caricature. You can see what I mean in the first drawing above with the big tough guy and skinnier guy below him.

On the second page, there's a bit more neck explaination as well as a few Gazelle studies I did once they had run off out of sight. Using my observations of elephants and rhinos earlier in the day, I was trying to figure out what the differences were between the leg joints of various 4-legged animals. As a side note, I should mention that we were both flipping through The Art of Animal Drawing by Ken Hultgren during the day. It's a pretty good book to have and it managed to help answer most of our questions.


The drawings I've posted so far have been from a 9X6, vertically opening sketchbook that I keep with me all the time. I have a few other pages from a MASSIVE sketchbook that I was using at the zoo too, but I'll have to take pictures of those pages since they're too big to scan. For now, here's two more elephant drawings:

The first post

Hey folks!

I hope to make this blog as informative as I possibly can by posting drawings and other works and commenting on how well I feel they were executed, or what could be done to improve them. I welcome every and all comments about any of the work that I post!

I've been heavily influenced by the way other blogs have done things over the past year, and it's going to show in my own blog. If you have a blog of your own, let me know! I might not have seen it ;)

So with all that said, here's a couple of elephant studies/sketches from a recent Zoo Trip that I took with my girlfriend (I'll try to scan and post some of her work if I can sneak it away from her!). I'll post more in another post with comments on each! Here ya go!