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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More League of Creation stuff...

Ilmegrath -- Eldest Magium of the Nagrathey Clan

This is my final submission for the inaugrial challenge over at the League of Creation blog. I mentioned a 'Shaman leader' in one of my posts over there and someone chimed in that they wanted to see what he looks like. I wouldn't mind exploring the shaman character more as it's actually pretty fun and interesting. Also, I think I could make it even better by checking out some reference, as this version was just straight out of my noggin'. I'd like to know what people think of him so far! The black and white version went up on the League blog, and the other one was just for kicks.

Be on the lookout for more work soon!

P.S. The red patterned background and paper were not my doing. I nabbed them from a tutorial at PSHERO just 'cause I was too lazy to make my own paper/background. Visit PSHERO!