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Monday, December 06, 2010



I was out with my Dad on the weekend and we saw the "Mini Muchachos" at a Koodo booth. I was hesitant to get one...but Dad got one for me anyway!

There were 4 poses, most of which were just okay...but then I realized the potential for this particular pose as a business card holder! He comes with a little belt but pfft...forget that!

I did the illustration this evening in about an hour or so, just to see what he'd look like holding something that I created. I gotta's freakin' sweet ;)

...and a little hilarious!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

One-of-a-kind Mom & Christmas Dad!

It was my Mom's birthday last Sunday and Jeanette and I decided to take her to the One-of-a-kind show. My Mom is very "arts and crafty" so we figured it be something fun to do with her :)

We also made a birthday card for her and the image above was on the front. I did the drawing/"inking" (all digitally) and Jeanette did the colours (also digitally).

I'm still not very confident with my digital inking and I tend to forget about line weight here and there. Best example is the line on the top of the hat verses the lines of the bushes in the foreground. Shame on me!

I also did a little illustration for my Dad's christmas card. We gave it to him today, since we might not see him before Christmas. I'm still working on my ability to capture likenesses (especially with women) but it's sure fun trying to get them!

That's all for the moment, but I'm brushing up on my full-body character and anatomy drawing so that I can do my D&D character justice. More on that later!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Heart of the Forge

I'm so incredibly stoked about my upcoming D&D campaign! I haven't played a real game since I was 12 or so and I'm playing with a great group of people too!

I've roughed out my character's backstory to help our DM get a feel for the character. His name (currently) is Arclight Anvilsmasher and he's the son of a blacksmith. He grew up learning the ways of smithing, while simultaneously learning how to weild a blade as a fighter. The catch is that his Grandmother filled his head with stories of ancient magic and epic battles, so his dream is to become a Swordmage!

The Heart of the Forge (above) is a sword that my character's father made to honour the family name and profession. Arclight's father wouldn't allow him to weild it, citing that he wasn't yet worthy. Hopefully my character will have it when our campaign begins!

Did I mention that I'm increibly stoked about playing?!

I'll probably start roughing out my character over the next few days and I might document his creation on here. 


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thems fightin' woids!

Sarcificed some sleep to doodle tonight. Played around in Manga Studio and ended up with a fighter-type dude. I might take a crack at doing a background another day...

I've only ever attempted to draw my character from D&D once and that was during my first game at which point in time I hadn't really considered art as a career. I might give it another go soon, as I'm supposed to be playing in a campaign soon. I guess I'm more excited about it than I thought :)

Since I haven't played properly for years, I'm not sure what type of character I should play this time. I've been considering a really basic character to start, just so that I don't have to deal with extra stats and other nonsense. However, the image of a Dragonborn Swordmage is pretty badass, but I'm not sure if my DM would let me play one!

I figured that the urge to draw would have lessened after my doodle session, but I'm still pretty invigorated. Tomorrow might be a bit tough to get through if I can't make time to draw!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Warm (and furry) welcome back!

My cousin recently came back from a European backpacking trip and I did this drawing for her! It went along with a sweater that was expertly wrapped in an autumnal themed freakin' basket by my amazingly creative girlfriend! It was awesome.
I'm slowly gaining confidence with inking digitally and I'm learning how to properly utilize overlapping lines with each new illustration that I do. I'm still making a lot of changes in the inking stage, which  I shouldn't be doing really, but is easy because there's no worry about screwing up since I can always just undo or erase something and do it again.
I need to do more in my sketch phase to figure out what the final image is going to look like, which will save me time in the inking phase. For the time being, I'm focusing on my line work and general drawing confidence and glacially working towards maybe doing a black and white comic book.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fan Expo doodles (mostly)

Most of these were done on the first day of the con while waiting for people to make their way to the artist alley. Others were done after the convention while flipping through Max haig's sketchbook that I picked up from the alley. Inspiring stuff!

I'm going to be selling books at the FREE Word on the Street show on Sunday September 26th. Tell your friends and come check us out! Did I mention that it's FREE?!?!

P.S. Doodles were done with either a Staedtler triplus marker, ballpoint pen, or prismacolour col-erase black. In case you were wondering!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Line quality experiment, the second

This is what eventually became of the first line quality experiment. I tried some different brushes in photoshop but ended up settling on Mangastudio's ink tools to get the job done. I could still use some more line variety and better overlaps to describe form.

Enjoy :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Samurai Sketch

Dusted off the tablet laptop tonight to try and clear away some cobwebs. Found this under all the dust ;)

Made in Art Rage 2 with the crayon tool.

P.S. I ended up in a freakin' Samurai challenge on Facebook! Here was my counter-strike:

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Line Quality Experiment, the first


I'm going to start experimenting with my line quality and I had this sketch laying around, so I decided to have some fun. I got carried away and added colour and a monster, but there ya go.

Next time I'm going to pay more attention to my lines and do some research before I start, but this was fun to do :)


Check out the site for the Monster Book!!

Catch ya on the flip!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010



Right at this moment I have in my poession 99 copies of my very firstest book ever "It's Just Your Imagination"! The guys at Guerilla Printing (who are awesome) really came through on a topnotch quality print. I'm definately going back for a second printing once I sell the rest of this run!

I don't think I could be happier with how it turned out and I'm excited to hear what people think! One of the most exciting things for me is seeing how the art turned out and deciphering what I need to do differently next time to make it look even better! This has been a great learning experience and I'm looking forward to learning more!

A dedicated website is in the works where you'll be able to preview a couple of page spreads and even download things like wallpapers and avatar images! I might even have some posters and bookmarks that you can buy too!

Stay Tuned!