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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hey hey!

Wanna drop a quick line about a show that I've just this very day been made aware of! It's possibly the best pre-school show on the tele, although I don't watch pre-school shows...or television...but this gets my vote!

The show is wonderfully animated and the character designs are simple, clear, and utterly effective! Please, please, please pass on the word about this wonderful series to everyone you know!

Check out the Official Site and Official Blog for a few full episodes and some great behind-the-scenes material!

Unluckily enough for me, I stopped watching the tele a couple of years ago, and so I don't know how many channels air Pocoyo at the moment. I know that YTV airs it here in Canada, but beyond that you'd have to look for yourself. It has been sold in over 100 countries around the world though, so wherever you live, there's a great big chance that you can watch it on tv tomorrow!

You CAN find a fair number of Pocoyo episodes on YouTube, but If you can watch it on tele where you live, that'd probably help the creators out a bit more :D

Off you go then!

P.S. Pato and Pocoyo are my favorite characters ;)

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