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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Del Carmens

Howdy dowdy folks!

No art today. I know I know, all 2 of you YEARN for my scribbles. Alas, I'm in more of an inspiration-seeking mood today.

So, because I can't seem to settle down and actually do work, I decided to take some time and do what used to occupy a great deal of my time; searching for art on the net.

One of my first stops became the last, and I've spent a good deal of time roving around familiar territory. That territory happens to belong to one Ronnie Del Carmen of the Del Carmen animation artist trio.

Ronnie's Blog is overflowing with inspiration, in both visual and literary form. I highly recommend checking it out. With any luck, one day I'll be as kind and truthful a guy as he is, and maybe even as great an artist!

Here's a quick link to his blog: Ronnie Del Carmen Blog

Also check out his younger brother Louie's blog Random Annomalies

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a site or blog for Rick Del Carmen, so if you know of one, please leave a comment!

That's all for now!


Pieter said...

Nice find Dave.

Dave Dind said...

Yeah...the Del Carmen's have been rocking for ages :)