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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When two become one...

*Please note: The lighting in these images isn't final*
*Also note: I didn't create the model/geometry*

Looking back, the Spice Girls songs were at least catchy, and they were easy on the eyes, and here we are many years later and they're still having an effect! Take my blog post title for instance, which in relation to the contents of the post itself is both totally clear and completely cryptic too! No points will be awared if you do figure it out...apologies.

Anywho, here's another Rendering class (I'm no longer calling it Texturing|Lighting|Rendering class, takes too long) assignment. We were given the geometry (the grey room, top) and were told that we had to texture the whole thing and light it for both night and day. There are a few minor things that I have to ask the instructor about, and I want to light it better, maybe find a different camera angle too, but it's basically done. It isn't a terribly hard assignment, but it's pretty time consuming what with having to find textures for everything and then have to spend the time inputing them all. It was a fun assignment though since we weren't told which textures to use. I tried to replicate small parts of my actual room through some of the textures. Maybe another day I'll post up a couple of shots of my room.


On another school work related note, I had a pretty crappy day; I didn't get anything done and somehow managed to screw up my nearly completed rigging assignment to the point where I have to totally redo the damn thing. I couldn't even start modeling, even though I have 3 modeling assignments (of which two have already been started) to choose from, all of which are fun. Something is wrong with my brain, and I think the current size of our workload might just having something to do with it. Can you say overwhelmed?

Night all!


Dennis Chan said...

"I need some love like I've never needed love before
Wanna make love to ya baby.... "

That song rocks!!! Victoria Adams is mine, but not Victoria Beckham. I don't like that version.

Hey good texturing/lightning job. Our rooms are very much alike.... especially that big poster of Jeanette on my wall. I'm just kiddin'!!!

I just saw that comment you left on 'Story Boredom'. I think he was just joking, 'cause Andrew is indeed the voice of Crush.

BTW have you heard the cover songs for the new Nightmare Before Christmas CD?

Skribbl said...

Love the storyboards and 'Ghost in the Shell" poster!! Nice choices!

BTW Dennis Chan is right. I was just kidding. I do know that Andrew was the voice of Crush.

Hope you're having a better day than on Tuesday. :-)