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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hands on with Maya

Snap Crackle Pop! It's been a bloody long while since I last posted! Above, you'll find the visual version of the reason why :D

I believe I posted about starting school again in September in an earlier post, and that did happen. I was planning on posting images of my work as I was learning/creating stuff. It hasn't been quite as cut and dry as all that though.

It's taken the past 5 weeks to basically wrap my brain around Maya. My creations up to this point have been very basic, and even some of those have been a real mind bender.

But forget all of that.

Now I have stuff to show and I'm going to start posting process images and final renders, although I'm crap at rendering at this point, but they'll get better with time.


Right then! I'll start things off with a model of my dainty digits that I did this past week. Once I figure out how to render out a wireframe/wireframe on shaded model I'll post those up so that you can really see how crappy I am at modeling. I would rather have posted those along with or instead of these renders, but I just whipped these up quick to have something to fill the void!

I would've posted stuff earlier, but I couldn't access my blog for a while due to my own very silly error. Bleh.


Okay, I'm off to sleep for now. I have more stuff to post, so I'll try and get things posted while or right after I do them.

Until next time!

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