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Monday, July 31, 2006


A quick one for tonight.

I actually did this last night after I sifted through the Story Boredom blog and saved a bunch of Walleye's posts. I really enjoy his drawing style and his sense of humor that he's able to get across with it.

Check out the Story Boredom blog for some of Walleye's work, along with art from a collection of great story artists! I only wish that Walleye had a site with some more work. Alas, his personal page hasn't been available for ages :(


So, about the above image:

It was done from one of the small comic strips that Walleye does about himself and his feelings Doubt, Confidence, Anger etc. portrayed as actual characters. They're hilarious strips, and I wish there were more. Anyways, this was done really quickly from a particular strip that my girlfriend really likes. I kinda did it for her on the spot, but also for me 'cause it was fun! I like how it turned out, but if you dig through the Story Boredom blog and find the strip, mine isn't spot on.

I love how Walleye has managed to nail the physicality of the various feelings through his use of shape and weight. Confidence is all round and bouncy; Doubt is big and heavy; and Anger is sharp and quick. Perfect! And to top it all off each of the characters are simple to draw!


Okay, that's all for me for now. I'll see if I can scan something in tomorrow and post it before I go to sleep. I'd like to do the image quality post I mentioned in the last post this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time!

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