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Friday, July 07, 2006

Rhi-know what you're thinking, and yes, that is a bad joke

Attack of the Rhinos!

Back again with a few more drawings from the same zoo visit as the last two posts. These are all from the MASSIVE sketchbook that I mentioned before. I use it for the zoo because it not only allows me to draw larger and from the shoulder, but it also acts like a portable table that I can set up on my knees! Great for eating on :D

The first page shows how I was trying to see through the beast and visualize how it would fit over a basic shape. I went a step further by trying to give form to said shape, as you can see in the drawing at the centre of the page, but I wasn't entirely successful. Dead on rear and side views were the norm for most of the time with the Rhino, hence the same poses over and over.

The second page was the last drawing of the Rhino that I did that day. It had given up and lay down, so we moved on the the Elephant after one final drawing. With these, I was keeping in mind what I had learned so far and was trying to understand their proportions. The problem I have with these two drawings is their simplicity and the lack of any form of rendering.

The third page goes more into my attempts to figure out the skeletal structure and how it effects what we actually see on the outside. It's a bit of a task with all "armour" seeming to cover the fleshy, telling parts.

The last page has an observational note that I thought would help me with remembering their proportions, as well as a major esthetic of the Rhino that I hadn't noticed before. I also had a flash of insight that you can see with the drawing in the lower left corner. I had been simplifying the legs into a cylinder, and with this drawing I noticed that there is a nice curve in the higher portion of the visible area of their "arms".

Whichever city or country you may live in, try and find a zoo that has Rhinos in it. They're loads of fun to draw, and they don't tend to move around nearly as quickly as other large animals you'll find at the zoo. Plus, they're great for exciting the imagintion when you need to come up with an exotic, prehistoric character!


I'd like to mention that I reduced the size of these images to a more reasonable one as opposed to the massive images of the first two posts. Sorry about the mega images! I'll probably go back and scale them down later on.


More Elephants and couple of skull drawings on the way tomorrow!


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