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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Especially for... blog!

I did these guys after spending some time surfing through some wicked artist blogs. Eventually I'll get around to creating links to them all (I gots lots) but for now here's a bit of my stuff!

The second image (taken from the one above it) was a bit of a test to see if I could improve the quality of my drawings for web posting with Photoshop. A new scanner would probably help too. I think I'm going to address this issue in a future post with examples from other blogs...hold on to your panties, it'll be wild!

Anywho, a large part of the reason for these guys was too see if I could up the quality of quick sketches. I'm not very good at inking/taking work to higher levels, but that's the other reason for this little excercise! I also wanted to show some love to the people that have visited! Please come again!

I'm really only happy with the guy on the top left (guy in the second picture). I like the size/shape relationship that I found with his features. I was looking to keep the shape of his head fairly simple, while focusing more on how the facial features would fit within his head. I usually end up running out of space within a head shape, and that's something that I want to improve.

The rest of the guys are okay, but for the most part there are little things that bug me with each of them. The guy on the top right is twisted where I wasn't planning on him being twisted (his features, hair, and shoulder position are all over the place compared to each other). The guy below him feels amaturish; lacking in form and interesting variation in shape. His features and hairline seem to perhaps flow too much into one another, making for an overall muddled face. The last guy on the bottom left is totally lacking in attention to detail. I didn't really go into the fat on his neck, and it appears more like he's got some medical condition rather than just being overweight. Oh, and his mouth isn't in the right position compared to the angle that he's facing.


I hope that you readers can take something away from this post, and if you did, please post a comment and let me know! The gates are wide open for criticism too, so don't hold back!

Thanks for taking the time to visit! Let me know what you think of the blog so far! Also, if there's something in particular that you'd like to see here, be it themed drawings, addressing a particular aspect of drawing, or anything else, leave a comment! Comments also help me to know who's been visiting, which helps helps with knowing...shucks, it helps my self-esteem!


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