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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sitting in the dark

I know where I'm going to be on October you?


Alter-Ego said...

I'll be watching this with you guys for sure.

Dennis Chan said...

Hey Dave,

I can't wait to friggin see this movie too! In 3-D!!! WOOOOAAAAHHHH.... although seeing Chicken Little in "Disney Digital 3-D" wasn't that great (i'm talking about the actual 3-D not the movie itself...though the movie wasn't that great either) but It will be cool just to see this film on the big screen again.

-Somebody pointed this out: In the new poster you have there, doesn't it look like Sally is jerking Jack off? ....somebody else said that not me.

Anyway, nice drawing of Walleye's "Anger". You'll need to send me those comic strips of his sometime, his blog has unfortunately been down for sometime now.

Alright. See you around.