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Friday, November 16, 2007

Rocking out for love

Is this Chris Cornell or is it me in 10 years?

I wish this drawing had a cooler origin, but I like it so here it is anyway! I was chilling out waiting for some pasta to cook while my mom was watching Ozzy kicking ass at some sort of charity concert on the tele. She kept commenting that Ozzy looked like he was really, really enjoying himself on stage and for some reason I was inspired to attempt to draw a guy rocking out. I had only intended to draw a dude's head, but once I had the head done the drawing just 'screamed' to be added to. A few hours later and here's what I ended up with! I noticed some stuff that could be fixed a little, but I wanted to post it now since it's still fresh. I'll see about colouring it, since I'm trying to learn to paint digitally again. We'll see how things go...

In other news, my girlfriend's tooth has been bugging her lately and today in particular she isn't feeling so hot. Since she's asleep and I'm up I decided that I would do something cool for her and surprise her in the morning with it. But you know what? She rocks so hard that I had to spin this drawing into that cool something!

For the past two years Jeanette, my lovely, lovely girlfriend, has been like a gift from the cosmos. She came out of nowhere, seems to have all the answers that I need, and she just exudes love and kindness like no one I've met before. She's helped me in so many ways that I've lost count, and she continues to push me forward every single day in some way. She's my greatest inspiration and the driving force in my life at the moment. I love her with all my heart and I hope that the universe is planning to help her out with her tooth a.s.a.p so that nothing will stand in the way of her being happy again.

I love you Jeanette!

UPDATE: I still have a lot to learn about painting digitally (or painting traditionally for that matter). I'm not super fond of the background, but it wasn't supposed to be the focus of the whole thing. I still kind of prefer the sketch version...but...Ta-da!

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