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Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween is the best time of year

The E-Card (click to enlarge and see it animate!)

The finished cards, ready for printing


I love the atmosphere in October. All of the trees are dying and seem to be on fire with their display of reds, yellows, and oranges; the air takes on a decayed yet refreshing scent of change; and all the little boils and ghouls come out to terrorize the place! Dispite not being a big horror fan in general, I love halloween and all things horrible and ghoulish, which is why I decided that starting next year I'm going to begin celebrating halloween come October 1st. I've been disappointed with my halloween experience for the last several years, and I really want to make halloween something fun to celebrate again. It struck me this year that most people don't put up decorations until at least half-way through October, and most only do it a week or so before the 31st! Since I love all things fall/halloween, I've decided to create a new holiday: OCTOBERWEEN! An entire month of halloween! Yay!

On to the halloween cards!

Every year I get a really cool hand-made card from some of my family in England, be it for Christmas, halloween, or Easter. When I recieved my halloween card this year I decided to send them back an equally cool, hand-made card. I mean, I'm supposed to be an artist and all! So, I purposed the idea to my girlfriend and she jumped on board with some really awesome ideas. We ended up going with a playing card set instead of the usual folded card that you find at Hallmark (shudder - I really dislike store bought cards, but that's a story for another time), to spice things up a bit. We figured it would be cool to mess around with the face cards in a deck, and put a halloween spin on them! So what you see above is the end result. I did the Joker and the Jack, as well as the little suit graphics, and Jeanette did the King and Queen along with the bicycle card style backing. The project turned out better than I expected and I can't wait for our next project.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks at our next project: christmas cards!


P.S. This is mainly for my own notes, but I want to say that I've just changed authorship of this blog over to my other gmail account. Nothing should appear to change on the front end, but in case something screws up, it's probably because of the change.

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