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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dave Guest stars on the Simpsons!

The fellow above is supposedly what I look like as a simpsons character. It's missing some stuff, but it was the closest I could get from the choices on the Simpsons movie site. I only wish I had a badass 3-eyed fish shirt in real life! Turn yourself into a Simpsons character!

I have some odd doodles that I can post up here, but I have to scan them first. I hadn't really thought that far ahead with this post :D

I'll see what I can do, especially since I didn't post anything after John Nevarez linked me off of his blog! Vas und honour! Thanks Monsiour Nevarez!

Bye-bye for now!


Alter-Ego said...

LOL Its kinda close. I have one too. I love the fact that you and I can easily draw ourselves in this style, yet we resort to these, 'close enough' pictures of us. LOL

Dave said...

I was thinking about that while I was making this guy. I did a project in my Art Fundamentals class where we had to draw ourselves as a Simpsons character and it looked way better than this one! lol

So where's yours?

Anonymous said...

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