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Monday, May 07, 2007

Franklin Booth

My Tribute to Franklin Booth

Well...I'm finally done with Animation at Seneca! It's been really tough at times, but I mangaged to make it through. I've learned a lot about art, animation, myself, and people in general over the past few years. My final "year" was 3D Game Design, which meant that almost all of my time was spent in front of a computer staring at either Maya or Unreal Editor 2 (yay both!). However, that left little time for me to sit down and draw like I used to in 2D. Since I'm done and (sort of) have time to myself, I managed to sit still for about an hour or so with my girlfriend out in the backyard and do some drawing. She was painting and I wanted to try to be like Franklin Booth, an American illustrator that I found out about on the Lines and Colours blog a while ago. His work was all done in pen, and he has been praised with the ability to "paint" with a pen. I happened on a book of his at The Beguiling, a great comic shop here in Toronto, last week. Check him out, you won't be sorry!

Instead of sitting around waiting for companies to call me with a job offer so I can work on a game, I decided that since I'd already been part of a Mod, why not do another one! I've rallied together some of my classmates and we should have a project set within the next 2 weeks with any luck. I really can't wait to get back into production!

Speaking of mods, we've been having some issues with creating the UMOD installer, but it should be totally finished by next week. We'll have a site up shortly after that, which I'll link to here, so that you can check it out for yourself! Huzzah!

Catch you later!


Laecan said...

Two words mate, groovy---and booya.

Philip Thomas said...

Really nice line work man.

Dave said...

Thanks Phil!

Alter-Ego said...

Very cool Dave. Thats really nice

Dave said...

Thanks Rob :D