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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Just Your Imagination!


Just over a month ago I mentioned that I was working on a book project and it's high time that I reveal it! It's called It's Just Your Imagination and is a book about monsters for children aged 3-5. I wrote and illustrated it and it's going to be printed next week :D

Initally there will be a limited print run of 100 copies and then depending on demand might see further printings. I'm going to see about potentially being able to have them available for purchase online, but they have to be printed first!

The image above is the front of the wrap around cover which will hopefully make you curious about where that monster's tounge ends up! There are 11 full page illustrations but for now this is the only taste you get!

I'll post more images from the book in a few weeks :)

1 comment:

Ellen said...

You're making kids' books?? You should have told me 4-6 years ago so I'd be in the market! That book looks great. I hope it makes you lots of money, Dave!