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Monday, February 11, 2008

Video Games Live 2008

Holy crap! It's been nearly 2 months since my last post?! Yipes. Well, I have a couple of things that I have to post here soon, but first some pictures from the 2008 Video Games Live show!

I mentioned VGL to my girlfriend a couple of weeks before the show, and since my birthday was coming up shortly, she ended up buying 2 tickets for us. It was one of the cooler birthday presents that I can recall. The show itself was great...lots of laughs and familiar songs! It was a treat hearing Tommy Tallarico speak between songs, and possibly funnier than it should have been watching him play guitar. Apparently, he looks like I do when I play Guitar Hero at home.

The three guys in the third picture above are (left to right): Jack Wall, Tommy Tallarico, and Michael Salvatori, one of the composers of the Halo soundtrack. I was most excited to watch Jack Wall conduct, as I'm a big fan of the soundtrack to Myst III: Exile (still have to actually buy the Myst IV soundtrack). During the intermission they displayed a 'loading' screen, which you can see in the last picture above. It was a nice touch.

Anyway, I'll post some art up soon and try to get some video of the VGL show on here too.

P.S. It was my first time at Massey Hall. I'm in love with Massey Hall...Don't tell my girlfriend.

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