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Friday, September 14, 2007

Read a mother*&$%ing book

Is this the future of my children's reading experience? Will they never know the love of a good old smelly print-based book? Screw-em'! E-books rule!

Long story short, I'm into E-Books. That's right; the man with the shelves buckling under the weight of his book collection scours the net for e-books. Free-books that is.

Sometime last week I stumbled into a forum chat titled "What are you reading?" and came away from it with a list of about 10 new, very interesting sounding books. Amoungst the list of books was one called Accelerando, which I found out is available to download as an e-book. Since the book sounded cool, I decided to check it out. A week later and I've stumbled into a wealth of copyright expired e-books! I tell ya, I'm in freakin' heaven.

There are even two still-living authors that have made some of their work available for free. And they are:

Peter Watts
Charles Stross (Accelerando Author)

Today I happened upon the daddy of all e-book sites, that I've found so far anyway, and it's called "Project Gutenberg", where there are over 20 000 copyright expired books! It's AMAZING.

All I need now is some kind of Palm Pilot or something similarly small and pocketable so I can take these new books with me wherever I go! Yay!

...I can't help but feel though that all of this is evil and will somehow spin out of control the way technology usually does in almost all of my favorite sci-fi books...I'm probably just reading too much Hard SF.

If anyone knows of a site that contains really good Hard SF or just general Sci-fi e-books, please let me know! I'm on the hunt :D


In other news, I've changed my website around some since my last post, so if you're in the mood, head on over there. I even made a favicon today. I'm overwhelmed with emotion *sniffle*

Okay! I'm out again for now! Lates!

P.S. I might be moving my blog over to my host soon, but I'm not sure if I actually will or not. I have to do some research first. Check back soon!

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